Pine Nuts Price in Pakistan

July 26, 2020

Pine Nuts Price in Pakistan

There are many types of dried fruit in Pakistan. You can find pine nuts also referred to as Chilgoza. You can also find cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and many more types of nuts and dried fruit. 

Pine nuts are usually sold in shell because the process of extracting pine nuts from the pine cone after the pine cone is removed from the tree is very labor intensive and this is just one of the reasons why pine nuts are more expensive than other types of nuts and dry fruits in Pakistan. 

It involves a lot of work. Even so, you can still find pine nuts which are already shelled. These shelled pine nuts are ready to be eaten with a spoon. The price of pine nuts can exceed Rs.10,000 for just the in shell pine nuts.

It isn’t that pine nuts are more healthier to eat than walnuts or pistachios. It’s just that the process is very labor intensive. Also, pine nuts can usually be found most commonly in the winter. This also makes them more scarce than other types of nuts and dry fruits. Pine nuts can be found in certain areas of the Western Himalayan Mountains.

Pine nuts can be used to create a delicious pesto sauce. Pine nuts have a very special taste and texture. Pine nuts are high in protein which makes them especially useful in a vegan diet. They can also be eaten raw or added to salads.