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Our product category manuka honey Pakistan is originated from the molten of the Leptospermum flowers. It is attributed to a New Zealand scrub plant that gives it its name. These flowers have the natural capability to turn into a Methylglyoxal (MGO) compound that provides unique antimicrobial properties. From Manuka nectar, MGO is formed in the honey and as the honey ripens, the content of MGO increases in the honey.

Manuka honey has a dark color and has a creamy texture with a special taste, strongly flavored honey with aromatics woody, intense toffee, caramel notes, and nutty characteristics. It is medium in sweetness and a slightly feel bitter medicinal after taste.

For all kinds of wounds, Our manuka honey Pakistan product category can be used as a natural ointment.

It is resistant to conventional antibiotics with the age and also claims use for acne to sinus issues treatment. Manuka honey is not available in raw form, it is specialized, antibacterial, and bacterial resistant. Manuka honey benefits included treating from a sore throat to clearing your skin.

Other benefits of our manuka honey Pakistan products are:-

Healing cuts and scrapes

Relieving stomach aches

Infections Removing

Improve digestion system

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