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Organic Dried Apricots

Dried fruits in Pakistan Online Seller has also furnished for you apricots - one of nature's amazing fat burner. We care for you and as a top apricot seller in Pakistan online we are presenting you up with varieties from medium-sized, orange in color to big orange red-colored. You can use these apricots for preparing jams or for canning.

Benefit your health by purchasing from a best apricot seller in Pakistan

Apricots have little or no saturated fat, no sodium, and have plenty of essential vitamins and minerals for the human body. Apricots supply you with vitamin A enough for promoting healthy skin, hair, gums, eyes, teeth, and bones also benefit from vitamin A. They also increase immunity.

As a leading apricot seller in Pakistan, we also share with you the fact that it contains a lot of potassium (almost 427 grams in one cup of sliced apricots) to keep your body fluids stable and maintain blood pressure. Having 3.3. grams in a cup means a good source of fiber very vital ingredient for the digestive system and to clean out the toxins from the human body.

Apricots are antioxidants too

Preferring us as an apricot seller in Pakistan online means you can also take benefits associated with Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant also present in Apricots. This particular vitamin increases your metabolism and burns fat. We recommend you to eat apricots in raw form though you can put into a green or fruit salads too for a scrumptious treat. So buy now to eat, quell hunger, satisfy a sweet tooth, and get excellent nutritional benefits right here from a top apricot seller in Pakistan.

These splendid Organic Dried Apricots from Dry Fruits Pakistan are unsweetened and Gluten-Free. We select only premium Dried Apricots with soft smooth skin and a naturally sweet flavor. Dried Apricots are a good source of potassium, contain a healthy dose of Vitamin A, and are a great snack. No Preservatives.

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